New, Custom or Refurbished Rubber Injection Molding Machines

Designed and Built in the USA

American Made

American equipment designed and built in the U.S. has been proven to be more durable than foreign-built equipment.

US Molding Machinery provides solid steel bolsters with matching rugged construction, resulting in very low deflection and virtually flash free parts.

The press system is all American built with no hard to replace metric components. Our parts are standard, with reliable suppliers such as Allen–Bradley, Vickers, Lincoln Electric Motors, etc. Replacement parts are readily available in your area.

Installation & Training

All installation and training is provided to our customers at no charge.


Responsive and easy to understand, with the US Molding Machinery dedicated service line.

  • No overseas telephone calls with time differences.
  • No need for special parts to be shipped with air freight charges and the usual delays in customs.
  • No future excessive charges due to air fares, mileage, and lodging.

Simlplified Logistics

With quoted deliveries, there are no additional (uncontrolled) delays for overseas shipping and customs clearances.

Additionally, with our prices there are no additional exchange rates, import duty charges, export packing charges, broker fees or expensive sea-freight.

Less Maintenance

US Molding Machinery presses are proven to have less down-time than our competitors.

Our components are well chosen for their reliability and ease of maintenance, along with easy to understand English hydraulic and electric schematics (including the parts and service manuals). A list of customers and their maintenance personnel can be provided for verification of reliability and satisfaction of our equipment.

Ease of operation

US Molding Machinery presses are offered with the latest Allen-Bradley computerized control system and Vickers hydraulic components.

Yet, these control and hydraulic designs are easy to understand and favored by all maintenance personnel, as they can easily handle most service requirements.

Additionally, as most foreign press suppliers do, we offer a modem for the press controller.To service the machines via the modem, foreign suppliers can only do program modifications or diagnostics, they cannot make critical replacements or adjustments that are typically the cause of press downtime. If modem service is required from US Molding Machinery, it is free of charge.

Lastly, the injection nozzle is fixed into the mold, with no movement during injection cycle (our design is not a pressure fit, as most foreign models). Also, the injection tower does not move, ensuring there are no pressure leaks during cycle. For ease of cleaning, access to the ball check and screw is extremely simple; by removing four bolts, then attaching the linkage to the hydraulic cylinder, the screw assembly can be pivoted, allowing easy access for cleaning or service.

Zachariha Cohen - President
US Molding Machinery Company

Personal Touch

For over 40 years, we have helped our customers in the rubber products industry meet their specific needs and objectives (approximately 1200 presses built and in operation currently).

Whether they require a complete system (designed and manufactured) containing one or more rubber injection molding presses, or one of our refurbished units, the satisfaction of our customers has always been our priority.

Our website will give you a comprehensive view into our extensive capabilities, as well as help you determine just what type of presses you need.

Don't hesitate to contact us with questions and specifications. We're experienced experts who will not waste your time and get the answers you need to make an informed decision as quickly as possible.

Thanks you for your interest. We look forward to assisting you.

All the best,
Zachariha Cohen
President | US Molding Machinery Company

Our Products

Whatever your rubber injection equipment needs, from single to turnkey production lines, US Molding Machinery can help.

“The right tool for your job”

If your production needs aren't met by our standard presses, we can custom build them to meet any special requirements or specifications you may have.


At US Molding Machinery we take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality customer service. From start to finish, we ensure that you get what you need, when you need it, no matter the job.


We offer a collection of resources to assist you with developing an understanding of the injection molding process and helping to determine the ideal solution for your project.