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Guillotine Cutters

Our cutters are in labs and production sites across the world. We continue to manufacture the original design with some quality enhancements.

Guillotine Cutter

Designed for the easy cutting of cured and uncured rubber up to three inches thick.

Our Guillotine Cutters feature heavy-duty steel and aluminum construction. The blades are manufactured from high carbon steel, and can be re-sharpened as often as necessary. Replacement blades are also available.

Two models available:

  • Model 600 (6" Blade)
  • Model 1400 (14" Blade)
Model Height Width Depth Weight
08-103 Model 600 Cutter 14" 7" 11.75" 38 .lbs
08-102 Model 1400 Cutter 18.5" 7" 21" 68 .lbs